Ami Shinar

Ami Shinar, artist and architect

Born and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, Ami Shinar graduated Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (1976).
Practiced in Boston (1985 - 1990) and upon returning to Israel was nominated as Head Architect of Ministry of Housing and Construction.

Since 1991, established one of the leading architectural firms in the country, Amir Mann - Ami Shinar Architects, responsible for award winning projects such as Eilat-Ramon Airport, National Library of Israel, Haifa Waterfront Plan, Z design Building and many more.

While practicing architecture, Ami has been painting and drawing. Among his art teachers are Itzhak Danziger and Yoav Barel, Rafi Lavie,
Gad Ullman and Zvi Lachman. While in Boston Ami studied painting at the Museum of Fine Arts School. 

Shinar's latest solo exhibition was "Co-Living" in Tel Aviv Artist House, during July-August 2020. See more below.

Ami Shinar's paintings and drawings depict  the ever changing urban fabric (Tel Aviv scapes) and its back yard (Suzuki series), industrial areas such as Haifa Port piers and cranes , sea-scapes and more.

Portraits are a main subject matter in Shinar's work. Some are done with protest and irony (Micronesia series), but mostly  with empathy to the "human topography". Such are  portraits drawn in many cities during the last 30 years, among which are Boston, Porto, Tokyo, Beijing, Delhi, Dublin, as well as many towns in Italy, France, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Malta, and more.

Solo Exhibitions:
Maximum Allowable Load, Zezeze Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2014, Curator: Bosmat Hareuveni
Troubled Spaces, Montefiore Auction House Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2016, Curator Ahuva Israel
Group Exhibitions:
Architect Paintings, Lighthouse Gallery, Jaffa, 2001, Curator: Ruth Jacobson
Architects Paint Bahaus, Bahaus Center, Tel Aviv, 2004, Curator: Shmuel Yavin
Art in Tel Aviv, open-air exhibition in Rothchild Boulevard, Tel Aviv, 2009
Sketchbooks, Zezeze Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2013, Curator Eli Nawi
The White Street, Installation, Soho Design Center, Tel Aviv, 2014, Curator Giora Orian