Avivit Segal

Artist statement

Ever since I can remember, the sea has been an integral part of my life.

Living in Atlit, a northern town by the sea, I use the beach as a daily source of inspiration.   Taking in the composition of light, air, water, sand, textures and colors, as well as the softness and the intensity that nature provides for me as a daily backdrop to life.


In my early twenties, I studied and practiced Chinese Medicine and Psychology.

I was attracted by the mysterious and miraculous human body and mind.

Later on, I specialized in baking and patisserie in Ecole Le Notre, Paris.


Over the years, I’ve felt a growing urge to express myself in different ways.

This led me to study in the Faculty of Arts at HaMidrasha-Beit Berl, Israel.

After a few years of study and practice, I started focusing mainly on photography as my main form of art expression.


My photographs are characterized by a distinctive use of overexposure technique and minimalistic esthetic, in a quest for timeless consciousness and clarity. Subjects almost disappear among the white expansiveness that seems to link the physical and metaphysical worlds, allowing the presence of silence, and reinforcing the images themselves.


Recently, I’ve started to focus on creating objects and installations comprised of dough.

I make the objects from sourdough, which are kneaded and opened by hand to a semi-transparent state, creating a delicate balance of fragility and strength. I have taken flour and water, from which for thousands of years mankind has used as an essential feeding source, and through many attempts have discovered and created a new perspective of the dough. By this process, I  define new content with old material. The border of the dough, thus the “crust” is the content itself. With my process of testing borders, it is as if I have removed the softness of the dough and used the “crust” as my platform of expression. This enables me to create a new space which becomes the site of dialogue between present and absent, fullness and void,  while defining the space and at the same time the space defining it.