Eitan Vitkon

Eitan Vitkon Born in 1967 Israel, Vitkon is an contemporary photographer whose work has been exhibited worldwide.

In 1996, Eitan moved to New York from Tel Aviv, to continue studying architecture, eventually receiving a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Pratt Institute in 1999. It was during his architecture studies that he developed a passion for photography, using the camera to sustain  a creative mental space away from the more demanding and often rigid architecture pursuits.

His interest in urbanism and design from a physical and emotional standpoint inevitably spilled into his image making, culminating in
what now is an impressive body of work spanning over 20 years.


Solo Exhibitions:

2018- “As longer one looks” Mia-Zink Gallery , Berlin Germany. Curator: Martina Zinkwe

2018- “Blowing in the Wind” Weizman Institute Gallery, Rehovot Israel. Curator: IvshamAzgad.

2017- ”A fly in the ointment” Dimona city gallery Israel. Curator: Adi Yekutiely.

2016- “Eitan vitkon-Photography” . Elma center for Art Zichron Yacov. Israel.

2015- "Thorns" Emmanuel Fremin gallery, Chelsea New York.

2015- "optimistic apocalyptic " International Photo 15 TLV Curator: Dalit Merchav.

2014- "Mechizha" Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery Tel Aviv Curator: Kinert Aviv.

2013-"Tel Aviv" Renew Yad Le-Banim Tel-Aviv Colture Dep. Curator: Mayan Nevo.

2013- "No Masks" Zoha Gallery Tel-Aviv Curator: Doron Polak.

2013- "Mazhav HAuma" Zochrot Gallery Tel Aviv Curator: Ktizhia Alon

2012- "Peeling" Noass Galerry Riga Latvia as part of "A Virtual Memorial Riga. CuratorWilfried Agricola de Cologne

2012- “convergence” Janko Dada Museum Ein Hod Israel Curatore Elinor Eshet

2011- “Memories in a box” MishKanot Gallery Jerusalem Collaborating with Yuval Yairicuratore Irena Gordon

2010- “Wander-Fool” Raw-Art Gallery Tel-Aviv Curator Shay Rozen

2009- “Meduza Hope” video installation horas Richter gallery tel-aviv.

2003-"Bridging Memories" Clockwork-Apple Gallery Manhattan NY.

2001-"Photography of Illusions" Broadway Window Gallery E10th St. Manhattan NY.

2001-"D.U.M.B.O Direct Art". One Main St. Brooklyn NY.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2020- “Gallery Show” Zemack Gallery Tel-Aviv. Curator: Yaron Haramati.

2019- Deciduous Spaces. Video Installation and photography. Zemack Gallery Tel AvivIsrael. Curator: Yaron Haramti.

2019- “Mittelmeer - Mediterranean” Pasinger Fabrik, Munich. Curator Anna ZancoPrestel and Luigi Viola.

2018- “Unforgettable Childhood” National Museum of Ravenna Italy. Curator: ErmanoTedeschi & Vera Pilpul.

2018- “Unforgettable Childhood” Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery Italy. Curator: ErmanoTedeschi & Vera Pilpul.

2018 - “Israel insight” Kollekte Art space. Frankfurt Germany. Two men show with WizoGermany. Curator: Shaker Wiener.

2018 - “The Sea” The North Wall Art space, Berlin Germany. Curator: Doron Polak.

2017 - Toronto Art Canada. with Zemack Gallery. Toronto Canada.

2017 - “Summer show” Zemack Gallery Tel Aviv Israel. Curator: Anat Bar-Noy

2016 - “looking close” Tel Hay Museum for Photography, Israel . Curator: Roni Ben-Ari.

2016 - New-York Art. With Emmanuel Fremin Gallery . New-York , NY.

2016 - “looking close” Omer Open Museum , Israel . Curator: Roni Ben-Ari.

2015 - "Happy Birthday" The Israeli Museum Jerusalem. Curator: Orna Granot.

2015 -"Untitled" Art New-York. Emmanuel Fremin gallery.

2015 - Israel Art in Germany. Pasinger Fabrik Gallery- Munich Germany.

2015 - Mimai Art NY- Emmanuel Fremin gallery.2015 - SCOPE NY 3 Artist with Corridor Gallery TLV .

2015 - Summer time- Zemach Gallery Tel-Aviv Curator: Lior Yael

2014 - Tornoto Art Canada. with Zemack Gallery.

2014 - "The Story of the Olive Tree" Um El Fachem Gallery Israel. Curator: Daniel Cahana

2014 - Affordable Hong Kong Art with Corridor Gallery HK

2014 - "Soul whispers" PH-Broking Modena Italy Curator: Giancarlo Fabbi.

2014 - Tel-Aviv International Photo with Corridor Gallery TLV

2014 - SCOPE NY 3 Artist with Corridor Gallery TLV

2013 - SCOPE Mimai 4 Artist show with Corridor Gallery TLV

2013 - "Whispers" Kettrer&Kunst Gallery Berlin Germany (14 Works Installation) Curator:Giancarlo Fabbi.

2013 -"A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013" (16 Works Installation) Curator : WilfriedAgricola de Cologne

2013 - MARKERS 9- Auxiliary exhibition held during the 55TH Venice Biennale 2013(Venice) Curator: Ruthy Lubin

2013 - One artist Presentation with Zemack Gallery at Fresh Paint 6 Art Fair Tel- Aviv 2013

2013 - "TLV Photo 2013" Curator Dalit Merhav2013 - "Minyan" Ministry of Culture Gallery Prague Czech republic

2012 - "Limbo" two men show at Tirosh Gallery Jaffa Curator Dali Merchav and KtzhiaAlon

2012 - "Summer" Zemach Gallery Tel-Aviv2012 - Tina B Festival Prague Czech republic

2012 - "2012" Zemach Gallery Tel-Aviv Curatore Ktzhia Alon2012 - Hundred Years Gallery 13 Person Street . London

2012 - 9th art KARLSRUHE . Contempop Gallery Munich . Germany2012 - TLV Photo 2012 . Tel-Aviv Israel Curators Yair Bark & Dalit Merhav.

2012 - EPOS 3: International Art Film Festival video projection Tel Aviv Museum of Art

2011 - “Imaginary Homeland” Mina Gallery 32 Cooper Square New-York curatore SaschaCrasnow.

2011 - “Venice- me'moire” Zemach Gallery Tel-Aviv Curatore Ktzhia Alon

2011 - “Through Danna Eye's” Rubin Museum Tel Aviv. Photography Book available

2011 - “Hubris of Passion” Horace Richter Gallery, Tel Aviv Curatore Kineret Aviv

2011 -“Port Life” Kavim Gallery Tel-Aviv.2010 - “Fation and Art” Raw Art Gallery Tel-Aviv

2010 - Galley Kavim Tel-Aviv . Video installation Curator Ruty SHaked

2010 - Fresh Paint No-3 Gallery Sector2009 - “Biotop” horas Richter gallery tel-aviv.

2009 - “Fresh Paint” israeli emerging artist Tel-Aviv2009 - “Memories” Eight Plus Gallery Tel-Aviv.

2009 - “100 to Tel-Aviv” Horace Richter Gallery Jaffa Tel-Aviv

NOX Contemporary , Tel-Aviv , Israel        

E-mail: info.noxart@gmail.com

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