Eti Yacoby

Eti Yacoby - An artist statement

I paint by contemplating my surrounding.

This path, whose outcome is realistic painting, is based on abstract and cognitive observation, controversies and integration, differences between heath and cold, darkness and light and between various substances. At the essence of my work there is search and spotting of the painting subject, the drama and sensation which were revealed by the one-time instant.

My subjects are intimate and deeply researched. These are not sensational landscapes, dramatic scenes or heroes, but, rather scenes by the road. While, through the artistic view of abstract stains, the object are anonymous and turn magically into a realistic painting.

I always have the desire to express the excitement on the linen, the pain and the success as well as sharing my one-time excitement with the observer.

It is important for me to manifest the tough but enriching picturesque effort: (i) the search for the right selection, motive identification, painting structure, understanding the light and its construction, sharpening the vision. (ii) The difficulties of viewing beyond the objects, at an abstractive manner. (iii) The process of challenging oneself while inquiring what one can further learn and how can one do things differently.