Eyal Sasson

Eyal Sasson, Bezalel and Royal College of London graduate, is an Israeli painter that deals with the deconstruction of the visual image. In his work process he is influenced by mechanichal elements of the industrial printing process and fundamental perceptions of the construction of the digital image. In each series, Sasson constructs and employs a different set of principles that dictate the mode of the image's deconstruction. Along the use of digital principals, like pixels or digital color systems – like RGB and CMYK, Sasson is influenced by the work process of the western painting throughout art history. He has used Camera Obscura and the anamorphosis technique to engage and challenge the illusionistic painting imitation strategies. The images of nature are central to his creation of a complex painting process, all while embracing W. J. T. Mitchell views of the landscape painting as a cultural representation of nature, a Genre and not a medium, and as Sasson puts it, a means to a discussion about the essence of painting.

In his recent series the principals for the deconstruction are less rigid and rational and more fluid – in it, the brush strokes and painting gestures are emphasized.

The re-construction of the scene in his latest works is physical, and comprised of a series of three-dimensional, acrylic painted, paper clippings – influenced by the creation process of pop-up books. Additional influences for his works are traditional Japanese prints, alongside mid-20th century graphics and contemporary comic books.

In “Bathers” series, Sasson returns to a central theme in art history – the "Bathers".

Unlike the modernists, who used this theme to create an ideal artistic approach and painting method, Sasson's works are reflexive, and in it the bather's image in nature, dictates the mode of painting. Sasson's bathers are fluid, immersed in the water, their image reflected in the brush strokes and colors. Sasson's starting point in the creative process are long nature hikes, in different places in Israel and across the world

Sasson explores through his works the connection of humans and nature, the way in which we experience nature, while offering perhaps, a new point of view. His solo exhibition in 2015, that comprised of the Bathers series, was called "Deceiving sun". This expression epitomizes the alienation of man from nature, all while being in it, and perhaps in the context of Sasson's paintings, emphasizes the distance we have created between nature and ourselves. Throughout history, humans have tried to control nature. In many ways, this ambition has created this industrial alienation. One of the questions that rises while looking at these paintings is – in what way do we experience nature, and do we allow ourselves – like Sasson's bathers – to be immersed in it, to be a part of it.

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