John R Pepper 

John Randolph Pepper, Italian, (1958) was born and raised in Rome;

he lives in Palermo and works worldwide.
Pepper started his career in black & white analogical photography with an apprenticeship to Ugo Mulas at 14.

He published his first photograph at 15 and had his first show at 17.He studied History of Art at Princeton University, where he was also the youngest member of the exclusive painting program,
‘185 Nassau Street’.

He then became a ‘Directing Fellow’ at The American Film Institute, (Los Angeles) and subsequently worked as a director in theater and film for 20 years. During that time he continued to take photographs with his Leica camera always using the same Ilford HP5 film stock.
John R. Pepper, represented by the ‘Art of Foto Gallery’ (St. Petersburg), and The Empty Quarter Gallery

(Dubai), is a ‘Cultural Ambassador’ of numerous Italian Institutes of Culture in may parts of the world.

Since 2008 he has exhibited his different projects ‘Rome:
1969 — An Homage to Italian Neo-Realist Cinema’, ‘Sans Papier’, ‘Evaporations’ in the United States,
France, Italy, the Middle East and Russia. He has published three books and is represented in several major museums around the world.
Since 2015 Pepper has been working on his project ‘Inhabited Deserts’, where he explores deserts and their effect on time, history and people. ‘Inhabited Deserts’ debuted in Paris in November 2017; in
September 2018, with the support of the Italian Embassy in Iran and the Italian Foreign Ministry, Pepper exhibited at the Aaran Projects Gallery in Tehran where he was one of the first Italian photographers since the Revolution of 1979.
In November 2018, after participating at Paris Photo with the Gallery Sophie Scheidecker, ‘INHABITED
DESERTS’ went to Tel Aviv, Israel, representing Italy at the 6th ‘Photo Is:Rael’ Festival. In December
2018 ‘Inhabited Deserts’ was opened at The Empty Quarter Gallery in Dubai (U.A.E.).
2019 will take the show to Saint Petersburg, Russia, and then again for a tour of 6 cities before
returning to Moscow in 2020. In 2021 it will be seen in Switzerland, the United Kingdom and will tour the United States and finally return to Rome.
Pepper works with a Leica M6, 35mm lens and uses Ilford HP5 film.