Michal Daniel

Michal Daniel   (1968) holds a BA in Social Sciences (Yizreel College), MA in Society and Arts (the College of Society and Arts, Netanya) and Photo Therapy studies (Tel Aviv University), an educator with an emphasis on art, Lecturer and group counsellor in photo therapy, teaching, Social activism , empowerment and personal expression.


Her interest and curiosity regarding breathing and the relationship between water and air has been around for years.

Questions that try to figure out how to breathe, how to stop breathing and what happens in the transition between water and air, have preoccupied her since childhood.

Over the years, she has looked at the experience, focused on sensations, situations, and wondered about moments of breath, the connections between water and air and man, the feeling that compels going out and breathe, to connect again to the sources of life and to the essentials of animals.

Michal deals with internal reflection, with images that express feelings, human reflections and changing colors. It is also directed at the resemblance between these experiences and the birth experience, in which the baby emerges from a watery and relaxed environment and begins to breathe in one moment when he enters the world.

Michal used three main techniques in her work: oil on canvas, oil on a waterfall (thick plastic sheet) and pencil drawing on a pergament paper over a bed of cotton.

Cotton is not just material for her. It symbolizes a place of tenderness and childhood, freedom and independence alongside a need for air. Michal grew up in Kibbutz Gvat, and has many diverse memories that include connection to the place and water, construction of palaces from cotton grains and spaces, along with suffocation and constant exposure.