Tamar Blum Zidon

The artist Tamar B. Zidon grew up in an agricultural household, earth and nature are essential substances in her life and artistic work. Stones are her main inspiration in her paintings and sculptures. For her, stones embody a deep spiritual connection to the earth.

As a natural element, often formed for over millions of years, the stone constitutes a monument of memory. The stones are Zidon's models, and for her each one of them is unique. The stones in her works represent human encounters, social situations and intimate inter-personal relations. Their amorphic form inspires a sense of infinity with a strong feminine presence.

Tamar's work process comes from listening and observing. She seeks to let the image's story unfold. Her works come, as she says, from a longing to return to a simple place, to fundamental joy and quiet. In the work process, Zidon returns to a sensual, spiritual experience of finding her natural place in space. She has spent nine years meditating in an Ashram, and her creativity stems from an internal learning process of mindfulness that is driven by her meditations.

"On one hand I'm constantly searching and defining my physical boundaries in space, but on the other hand I'm breaking the boundaries and immersing myself in the environment."

Zidon's artworks induce an experience of relief, a break from our rapid and consuming life style, and from the excessive amounts of information we are exposed to in our current reality.

She creates her works using a mixed technique. The canvas is replaced by recycled cardboard as the foundation material, on it she builds the initial bulk of the body. She combines painting with acrylic alongside sketching in pencil, and uses Joss Paper, a bamboo\rice paper embedded with gold that originates from Asian spiritual ceremonies, where it is used as a symbol to sanctity and abundance.

In her paintings, as well as in her sculptures, Tamar takes the stone, and through her unique technique, places it on a pedestal of sanctity to remind us of the prominent place of nature.